Internship Experience

Hey, everyone!

Since this is going to be the first post of this blog, I’m going to start with what my experience of WorkAmp has been till now and what I’ve learned and plan to do here. I’ll give a quick introduction of myself and then I’ll proceed to what my opinion about this place is like, based on my experiences till now. I feel that introducing my point of view would help you understand WorkAmp better.

I’m Aditya, a second year (going into the third year) student at IIT Bombay. This summer on 30th April, I joined my first internship, which is in a place quite evident by now – WorkAmp Spaces, Mumbai. In this post, I’m going to talk about what I’ve learned and what I’ve done here, all the work which happens at WorkAmp and how a community is built and how it functions.

To start with, I got to intern here by applying through the internship cell of IIT Bombay. At the time of applying, I did not have much of an idea about what WorkAmp would be like, other than the usual information that WorkAmp Spaces provides coworking spaces to people. I joined here with a sense of apprehensiveness and doubt. This would be my first internship experience and I had heard a lot (of fiction maybe) about what interns have to go through in companies which hire them. Little did I know that I was in for the time of my life, and a summer that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

I don’t think any company, as big as it might be, can boast of an office space as beautiful as the kind which WorkAmp has. Everything around here has been built with the intent to be aesthetically pleasing to every human being’s eyes and not only that, every piece of equipment, chair, desk, sofa etc has been built to serve a specific purpose and with the intent to optimize energy, cost, and utility. The place is amazing and the people here are even more amazing. I was never ‘let’ to feel uncomfortable at any point of time during my stay here by either the fellow coworkers or by the team who had hired me. I was given total freedom to explore, work on anything I want to, use the facilities here to whatever extent I require and to ask for help whenever I was in trouble or sought to get my doubts cleared.

All my tasks which were given to me with a deadline were easy and even a lot of fun! I was told to write, draw pictures and make an interactive session on the blackboard with a chalk. And so I went on to make Darth Vader (on May the fourth mind you) with a red lightsaber as well as a picture of the brain and many interactive types of boards with my fellow intern, Abhyudaya. We have a lot of fun with Nipun and Yug, who are a part of the WorkAmp team and they even became our friends after a while. We eat lunch together every day while talking about random stuff and discussing ideas with them and they are super helpful whenever we encounter any problem or have any idea about what we can do as interns for WorkAmp.

We have a really experienced and knowledgeable community here at WorkAmp and I think that that’s the one thing which separates us and makes us unique from every other coworking space in the world. From whatever interaction I’ve had with the members of WorkAmp, I’ve got a brief idea about how vastly different everyone here is and how much potential there is still to be tapped. Currently, I’m trying to find new ways of bringing our community closer and make it more cohesive, because that’s the only way people can learn from each other and grow as individuals as well as acquire new skills. I am also working on how to target new startups, freelancers, and big corporations and market our space to them through specific channels.

Overall I think I’m certainly growing as an individual here. I’m allowed to choose what work to do while keeping in mind what kind of work would also benefit me. I am also learning what it takes to make a start-up work and be successful. And with the perks of staying in this kind of a beautiful place with amazing and chill people around me, I think there could not have been a better place for me to start my internship.

Thanks for reading this!

Hope you have an excellent day!


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