Why big companies are going remote

Many large and innovative companies are adopting remote work strategies. The reason for this shift is that working remotely (anywhere outside the office) can actually offer a myriad of benefits. For companies, working remotely can help reduce costs, increase productivity, and boost employee well-being. For workers, the option to avoid long commutes, small cubicles and boring meetings are becoming much more preferred by young employees.

Additionally, working remotely offers employees the opportunity to achieve work-life integration and thus, a work-life balance.

Consider these four reasons why many big companies are going remote:-

Happier and more productive employees

Remote workers are happier in their work life because of the freedom and flexibility that working remotely offers. They also feel more valued and are more productive in general.

Workers appreciate having the choice between working remotely and reporting to an office, which empowers them to achieve work-life integration and ultimately perform better for the company.

Hire the top talent

High performers get work done wherever they are. And by giving people the option to work remotely, you can even recruit people with high family obligations while fueling their creativity and productivity.

Additionally, a study on remote workers in China found that high-performers were more likely to stay at companies that offered remote positions and when employees were allowed to integrate the benefits of remote work into their work day, overall performance actually improved.

Lastly, companies that hire remote workers open opportunities to find top talent from a broader global talent pool. Tech talent in particular crosses borders at growing rates as innovative companies take full advantage of the global market.

Healthier employees

For employees, remote work can significantly enhance personal health with the right routines and balance. Remote workers have more time and freedom to exercise regularly, eat healthy meals at home and take breaks from work to refuel and energize. All of these benefits are vital to physical and mental health and help employees be happier and more productive.

Global online consumers are willing to pay more for products and services from companies with a positive environmental impact. This means that going green (through remote work) could actually result in a net-positive impact for some companies.

Create better business performance.

While keeping remote teams cohesive is not simple, many businesses are rising to the challenge. Companies are encouraging the use of coworking spaces, which allows for the commingling of talented professionals to meet, network and ultimately benefit from increased collaboration.

As the work-from-home approach takes more traction, the top performing companies will continue to find that balancing remote work strategies with a well-executed business culture will keep them ahead of the competition.



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